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Strange Project

Location and Infrastructure

The Strange Project was identified by former Inco geologists and is located approximately 60 kilometers southwest of Thunder Bay, Ontario. Preliminary exploration suggests the possibility for a significant nickel sulphide opportunity. A large-scale, significant magnetic anomaly was identified some 600-700 metres below surface, coinciding with the base of a mid-continental rift. The size and strength of the magnetic anomaly suggest the system is permissive of a district-scale nickel deposit. To encompass the entire anomaly, Metal Energy has staked further claims totaling 11,000 ha. The property is well-positioned with paved road access & already permitted for drilling. 

Regional Geology

The Strange project is located within the Animikie Basin geological region, which includes major sulfide nickel deposits hosted within strata-bound ultramafic bodies mantled by mixed ‎sediment-volcanic sequences, such as Lundin Mining Corporation’s (TSX: LUN) Eagle Mine and Eagle East deposit. Geological evidence supports the interpretations for Strange possibly hosting Proterozoic Midcontinent Rift-style nickel deposits, similar to the Kambalda komatiitic nickel ore deposit model of Western Australia, the Raglan area of Northern ‎Quebec, the Pechenga district within the Kola Peninsula of eastern Russia, and the Thompson Nickel Belt ‎of Manitoba.‎ 

Magnetic Anomaly

Initial testing shows evidence of a strong geophysical magnetic pattern. The Magnetic data was inverted to find the depth of the anomaly appears to be roughly 600-700 m at the base of the mid-continental rift.